Cast an attraction spell for soulmate

6 Ways to Cast an Attraction Spell for Your Ideal Soulmate

What is an Attraction Spell? Just as a magnet will always attract metal objects, an attraction spell will always attract the people you want to be drawn to you. If you want to find your ideal soulmate, you need to cast an attraction spell. An attraction spell is essentially a magic spell that you cast in order to attract the right kind of person into your life. The right person for you to spend your life with. Spiritual and metaphysical concepts like soulmates and synchronicity have been around for thousands of years, making them an ideal tool for anyone who’s trying to find their ideal match.

There are many different types of magic spells and attraction spells are one of the most universal. Whatever your belief system, an attraction spell is as effective on an atheist as it is on a practitioner of a strictly religious faith. The key to any successful attraction spell is to make sure your intent is pure, so we have listed some of the best ways to cast an attraction spell for your ideal soulmate.

Attraction spell and herbs

Attraction spell can be as simple as using herbs and crystals. There are many different types of herbs and crystals that can help you cast an attraction spell. For example, rosemary is a herb that is often used in attraction spells because it’s believed to have the power to bring love into your life. You can use crystal such as citrine, which is believed to attract wealth, abundance and success. Citrine is usually associated with the sun, making it perfect for anyone who wants all their wishes to come true.

Use rose quartz, which is known for attracting love and happiness into your life. While casting any magic spell or attraction spell intent is so vital. When casting any type of magic spell or attraction spell, make sure you are honest about what you want and have pure intentions. This will increase your chances of the spell being successful!

Get your Circles in the Air for the attraction spell

When you cast an attraction spell, you’ll be surrounded by people who are a good match for you. You need to have your circles in the air. When you get out of bed each morning, do something active like take a walk or go for a run. Connect with people as often as possible and make sure to only hang around people who are a good match for you.

Draw the Ones You Want to Meet

We’ve all been there before. You meet someone and they seem like a great match, but you never see them again. The best way to cast an attraction spell is by making sure the people you want to meet are drawn to you. There are many ways to cast this type of attraction spell, but one of the most popular methods is through candle magic. This type of spell is also called “drawing love spells” as it attracts love into your life. Candle magic for this kind of spell typically involves burning a red or pink candle in front of a mirror. You will then chant this Latin invocation:

Make a Love Jar

This is an easy spell that can be done with or without the help of a partner. For the jar, all you need is: -a large glass jar -several items that represent you and your ideal soulmate (i.e., pictures, letters) -two candles -a lighter

1) Clean out your jar and set it in front of you. Think about what qualities you’re looking for in a partner. What makes them perfect for you?

2) Add items to your jar that represent yourself and any qualities of yours that are important to you. These could be photos, letters, gifts from friends/family, anything that represents who you are as an individual.

3) Add two candles/candle holders to the front of your jar. Place one on either side so they’re facing each other but not overlapping

4) Light both candles

5) Say a prayer asking for guidance

6) Say a prayer asking for the right person to come into your life

7) Light one candle

8) If there’s room in the jar, add more items like flowers, stones or small charms

9) Put the lid on the jar

10) Carry your love jar with you everywhere and let it sit on your desk at work, keep it by your bedside table or carry it with you in your bag.

Wear Your Love Magnet

A love magnet is a substance that will attract love and romance to you. There is an option of making your own or buying an already made by a qualified spell caster. It should be won either around the neck or on the wrist because people have to see it and that’s how they will get attracted to you

Incorporate a Scrying Mirror (Attraction spell)

A scrying mirror is a tool of divination that has been used for centuries by practitioners of the occult. The mirror allows you to bring your spirit and your physical self together. It’s also a great way to focus your energy. Make sure that it’s aligned before casting an attraction spell. The scrying mirror will allow you to see yourself as others see you, which can be very insightful. In addition, the reflection on the surface of the mirror will show you what type of person is right for you. You might not even know it until you see them in person!


With these 6 easy steps, you’ll be casting attraction spells and herbs in no time! If you happen to need more expertise please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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