Kill an enemy using black magic

How to kill an enemy using black magic

So many people around the world are asking for means on how to kill an enemy using black magic. Black magic is an incantation that can be employed to bring an end to a problem. Do u have a sworn enemy that you would wish to get out of your way? If yes, then look no further than how to kill an enemy using black magic. Black magic can be the most secure path taken in order to avoid any consequences of murder. Do not wake up to shoot or stub an enemy when you can take them out using black magic. The law won’t even be able to trace this murder because it will seem like a natural death. This could turn out to be a car accident or a heart attack. How you wish your enemy to meet their final destination all depends on your enchantment.

The power of killing an enemy using black magic is so effective that it only happens in a space of fewer than 24 hours. The moment the spell is cast it becomes a matter of hours before the demise news of your enemy is passed on to you. In that case, you just have to keep calm and celebrate your victory over your dead enemy. In other words, nobody can ever suspect you or hold you responsible in any way!

There are several methods of how to kill an enemy using black magic

The method of using an evil bean

This is a magical seed that is planted after being enchanted upon. It is planted in freshly ground at sunrise and it would instantly start growing up. But as the seed grows the victim or the enemy of the spell also grows frail. The seed goes through all the stages of growth within 12 hours. What happens to the plant happens to the victim. And at sunset, as the plant gets to maturity the victim gets weaker and weaker. As the plant dries out the victim will die of a slow death. Therefore, this is one perfect way how to kill an enemy using black magic. It leaves no trace behind. The following day you may even attend their funeral to confirm that your enemy is dead and buried!

How to kill an enemy using car accident

Not every accident that happens on the road is an accident. Most of these accidents are planned and caused by how to kill an enemy using black magic. After deciding to take an enemy out, the most important question is how?  Taking out an enemy using an accident is a popular means of black magic rituals and it’s very effective. Avoid the law use black magic. Don’t throw yourself in the hands of the law for murder yet you can use black magic to kill an enemy. The accident can happen whether while driving or while walking and being run over by a speeding car.

In conclusion, these spells and rituals for killing an enemy are very dangerous and should be performed by an experienced spell caster. That’s why I recommend you contact an experienced spell caster Papa Dungu or Mama Mandy to help you achieve this goal without any hustle.

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